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Updated 02.11.12
Welcome To Lady Savory’s Wonderful World of Spice
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PIQUANT [pee-kuhnt, pee-kahnt] adjective
a) agreeably stimulating to the palate; especially spicy
b) engagingly provocative; also  having a lively arch charm
1. spicy, zesty, well-seasoned, snappy, with a kick, peppery, spiced
2. Stimulating, interesting, intriguing, fascinating, appealing, tantalizing
3.  Lively, spirited, vigorous, peppy, crisp, hearty,
Antonym:  Bland
This Month’s Top Five:
Blackbeard’s Blackening Spice
Brazos River Texas Red Chili
Hangover Helper Bloody Mary Mix
Discovery Bay Jamaican Jerk
Coastal Bend Mesquite Rub - Chipotle

Welcome To Lady Savory’s Wonderful World of Spice

DISCLAIMER:  Lady Savory. holds no affiliation to, nor does it hold any representation of Savory Spice Shop, Inc. or it’s related entities.

May, 2011, Lady Savory Debuts at Haute Wheels Houston

Lady Savory made her debut at Haute Wheels Houston on May 14 & 15 coming home with very fine response and feedback.  The May weather was perfect and the crowd was hungry & thirsty for Houston’s  finest gourmet food truck offerings and a very fine line up of brew.  Lines were long but there was a variety of sampling available at the Lady Piquant’s booth offering bits ‘n bites, all with a pleasant kick of heat.  

Thank you to all that made a visit and purchase!

June, 2011  Lady Savory At Houston Beer Festival

Look for Lady Savory set up at  at the Houston Beer Festival, Saturday, June 11, Hermann Square Park at City Hall (Smith St & Texas Ave).

It was a very warm summer day and the  streets of Downtown were packed.  Lady Savory products were well received.  See photos HERE

Fall, 2011:  Lady Savory has events scheduled throughout the Fall & Holiday Season.

Visit her EVENT Page to find out where to find her and her pleasantly piquant products.

February, 2012 Special

Buy 3, Get 1 Free Products Priced $5.49 - $5.95

Order 3 Items & Add Your Preferred Freebie in the COMMENT SECTION at Checkout.

Visit Lady Savory’s MARKET To Shop.

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